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Johan Krause

Founder and Director - Auto Creations


To Restore or Preserve?


One of the most crucial decisions the owner of an old car might need to make is about when his classic car should be restored, and when it should rather be preserved.

Johan Krause, an expert and master car restorer, will tackle this issue head-on while sharing some personal “local” case studies on how, with originality and authenticity in mind, this key decision can affect the intrinsic value of a classic car for years to come.

Johan will share the experiences which guide him through the decision-making processes.

Speaker Biography

Johan was born in Pietersburg and raised in Koster, North West (Western Transvaal) wherein 1969 he started his apprenticeship as a petrol and diesel mechanic.

Immediately after qualifying, Johan started his panel beating apprenticeship.

Johan quickly went on to qualify as an engraver, pattern maker and a fibreglass specialist.

Due to his qualifications and experiences, Johan decided to start his own business in panel beating. It was his natural love of vintage cars that drove his decision to start restoring and rebuilding old cars and machinery.

Johan’s first restoration was a 1930 Riley, he then went on to complete some very exciting projects including a 1929 Auburn Boat Tale Speedster, a 1937 Mercedes 170 (previously used by Adolf Hitler when he visited South West Africa) as well as a 1947 Packard two door coupé and a 1947 Packard Four Door Clipper.

Johan has also done a lot of work on racing cars; including the completion of bodywork on a Porsche Carrera RSR Turbo for Johan van Veelen.

Johan’s most recent finalised project is a 1903 Peugeot in Feb 2017.

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